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Yoshida Memorial Orchestra

Tadashi Yoshida, the People's Honor Award winner, composed numerous songs that have enjoyed widespread popularity among the Japanese people.

Even those who are not so interested in any music love his music works, specifically called the Yoshida Melody with fascinating rhythm and mellow, nostalgic tone. Although orchestras such as the Percy Faith Orchestra or the Mantvani Orchestra, specializing in light classical and pop music, have been very successful and attracting a large audience with their unique style, Japan did not have this type of orchestras in its history.

Yoshida Memorial Orchestra

The Yoshida Tadashi memorial Orchestra was founded in order to perform and transmit his musical legacy to the next generation and became the first orchestra performing this genre in Japan. The Yoshida Tadashi memorial Orchestra is currently made up of young, talented graduates of prestigious Japanese Music Conservatoires.

Yoshinao Osawa, Honorary Principal Conductor of the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra in Turkey, was appointed as the First Music Director.Osawa, an ardent admirer of the Yoshida Melody, arranged several hit pieces of the Yoshida Melody into Tokyo Symphony No.1 and in 2000 was awarded the Best Producer in Japan Record Grand Prix for his significant achievement.

Success of Tokyo Symphony began with its performance in Malaysia and Paris in 2001and 2002 respectively.

Tokyo Symphony reflects blended beauty of Japanese and Western elements.

Yoshda Tadashi Memorial Orchestra Since year of 2000, Yoshida Memorial orchestra has been performing actively over 200 public concerts and recording as the professional orchestra.

Yoshda Tadashi Memorial Orchestra has established for the memory of Mr.Tadashi Yoshida who is popular Japanese pop music composer in the history of Japanese Tadashi Yoshida received so many award including from Emperorof Japan.

Yoshda Tadashi Memorial Orchestra is not only performing Yoshida's composition, with a wide repertories from classics to pop music.

There are more than 20 full time symphony orchestras in Japan, but Yoshda Tadashi Memorial Orchestra is a only one full time mood music orchestra in Japan at the moment.

Yoshda Tadashi Memorial Orchestra made a several CD recordings with JVC, and one a of them has received the award of Japan Recording Grand Prix 2000.

Yoshda Tadashi Memorial Orchestra created a successful concerts in Paris during May 2002, it may be the composition style of Yoshida has a sense of French Chanson so that even the French audience can easily understand Yoshida's melody with so much Bravo! call from the audience.

Among the 50 members of Yoshda Tadashi Memorial Orchestra 38 strings players sound makes like Mantovani Orchestra in London. The style of arrangement is called a Schell tone sound which became very popular way of use a strings with so many separation part to play special sound, especially very useful for screen music, such as Love is a many splendored thing, Moon River, Granada, Autumn Leaves etc.

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